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Friday, 27 May 2011

Train too fast

The camera that I have had the longest is a Nikon F100 which I got new just over 8 years ago.  It was the insurance company replacement for the F90X I had stolen, which itself was my first upgrade from the original F60 I bought in 1999.

It’s a very nice camera – nicely weighted with easy, accessible controls, and remarkably, quite similar to the D700.  It also has that older Nikon ‘clunk’ when you hit the shutter, making it feel like it’s been hewn directly from billet metal.  

For shooting film, it’s the go-to camera for reliability.  The fast autofocus, absolutely spot on exposure and quick controls means you will get it right every time.  

This photo was taken with the F100 when I lived in Sydney, Australia.  The contrast between the pregnant woman and the moving train is pretty cool; suggesting life moves too fast and we should stop and think about the more special moments in out life. 

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