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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Looking for a Night Street Shooter - Part 4 - The Camera and Lens hit the street!


After some initial test shots in the house, the first test for the NEX and Voigtlander 35mm was a 20 min walk in the College and University area in downtown Toronto as we walked to an appointment.  With the colour settings on ‘Vivid’ and the black and white settings on slightly higher contrast and sharpening, the softer Single Coating of the lens is reversed.  Initial impressions – nice shallow depth of field, very discreet and lovely overall results – a winner!

Some things I don’t like so much about the NEX are the fiddly menus system, lack of a hot shoe and no availability of an electronic viewfinder.  The fiddly menu system means it is a pain in the butt to quickly change from black and white to colour, and the hot shoe would be good to add a 50mm viewfinder like the Leica SBOOI.  The electronic viewfinder, like on the Panasonic, would be great too, but the zoom in style manual focus assist on the screen is well thought out on the NEX.

Even if there are some limitations, I still really like the results and I am looking forward to trying out my other Leica lenses on it.

In these two shots of a gothic building on College Street (one as a reflection), the tones of the photo suggest an imposing or even haunted feel.

In this photo the colour was set to 'vivid' on the camera, but interestingly it makes the bright colours really pop (flower), but the duller colours even more muted (ground and branches).

All photos straight out the camera - no modifications on Photoshop

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