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Sunday, 1 May 2011


Last summer I took my Leica IIc to Niagara Falls when the parents of a close high school friend visited.  I’ve known the Staffords for nearly 25 years, and its always good to see them. 


I attached a Leica Elmar f3.5 as I was quite curious to see how this uncoated 75+ year old lens would perform.  Plus, its collapsible and it means you can throw the whole thing in your pocket.  

The results were quite startling.  Overall definition isn’t really sharp compared to modern lenses, and the contrast is quite flat; but the pictures have a very distinct character about them – olde worlde charm.  I looked at some of the photos and did a double take.  You’d swear they were taken in 1935 –  the year this lens was made; especially the pictures that show no hint of modernity.

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