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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Better Being Negative

Quite a while back I took this photo using my Hasselblad on 120 Kodak Portra colour negative film using some fill flash.  As a photo it’s pretty crappy.  No, really crappy.

One day my sister, who moonlights as an artist, was looking at some of my images on the computer and she saw the negative below.  “That would make an AWESOME print!!” she exclaimed.  And ya know, she was absolutely right.  I sent her a detailed scan of the negative, though I have no idea what she ended up doing with it.

The Hasselblad is a great camera, with super sharp lenses on a huge 6x6 negative.  I’ve owned three, and all have been excellent.  The first one I bought to try out and I then proceeded to build up a kit.  The second and third were kinda by accident. I ended up buying another body as I couldn’t sell the second lens and back I had bought.  The third one was a spur of the moment deal as it was a great price.

Unfortunately I didn’t really use them a ton.  Though the images are out of this world when you get it right, they can be unforgiving.  Once I didn’t load a film quite right and it tore when I was shooting a wedding.  Another time I loaded the film backwards (easy to do) and got nothing.  They’re also not small cameras and more awkward to carry around for casual shooting.  So I ended up selling them and moving towards Leica.

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