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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Looking for a Night Street Shooter - Part 6 - Concert Shooting


Last weekend our church hosted a concert to raise money for relief work in Japan following the devastating Earthquake and Tsunami.  Both my wife and I spent several years there, and is actually where we met – indeed my wife’s school that she taught at is less than 40km from the Dai Ichi Nuclear Reactor which was been in such serious trouble.  So we have a close affinity with Japan and wanted to show our support.

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As usual we were running late, so I threw the first camera I saw round my neck, which was the NEX-3 with the 35mm Voigtlander lens.   When I got there I soon found no one else was taking photos, so I decided to step in.  Unfortunately this combination wasn’t ideal.  35mm is far too wide, even on a crop body; manual focus wasn’t that easy and it was hard to hold steady.  I ended up spot metering most of the shots, which actually worked rather well as it adjusted on screen what you were getting.

In the end though, I got enough good quality photos for the artists and the organisers to all be happy, and so I could hold my head high!

Fukushima local, Aoi, talks with Sandra about the devastation

So as a night time street shooter, the NEX isn’t 100% ideal.  A D-SLR like the Nikon D700 will always do a better job.  However, it is far superior to anything of this size, and in the end it’s just very difficult to resist such good quality results from such a small package.

CDH Live!

A special mention to the artists, who were all absolutely fabulous.  Check out their websites below:

Glen Soderholm and Jeanine Noyes

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