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Friday, 1 July 2011

NEX sharp

Recently I was reading Yu Lin’s excellent Blog “Lens Bubbles”, and I noticed that he mentioned a Firmware upgrade for the Sony NEX, with a new feature called “peaking”.  Peaking is where a different colour from that in the photo shows as a highlight on the screen when that portion of the photo is in focus.  This is extremely useful for manual focusing.   So I quickly downloaded as I knew I would soon use it.

The first try out with the new peaking feature was at the recent Acoustic Gig I attended, and it was very useful.  As the singers moved around, I waited for their photos to come into the peaking range, and the snapped the photo.  Overall, while it isn’t 100% accurate when shooting at f1.4, it works very well at f2.8 and greater, and will be indispensible. 

This shot is of the bar, facing the other way from where Dallas and Andrew were performing.

You can take a look at Yu Lin’s blog here:   http://oldlenses.blogspot.com/

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