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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Fuji X100 - Around the house

As an around the house camera shooting whatever happens to come up in home life, the Fuji X100 is only partially successful.  The excellent low light performance is great for inside, but the problem comes with focusing any closer than 2-3ft away.  The AF is quite unreliable, even on EVF mode and totally useless with the optical viewfinder.  It is very easy to miss moments with children, and these are moments that are incredibly fleeting.  As the lens is quite wide, equivalent to 35mm in full frame format, you have to be very close to compose a tight head shot, which greatly exacerbates the problem.

The litmus test came with my wife, who isn't really a camera person.   I left the X100 and the D90 out for her to shoot our little daughter when she was being cute.  Every time, despite the weight and bulk, she picked up the D90 as she knew she could get a sharp picture straight away whenever she pushed the trigger.

Frankly I was hoping it would be a lot better than this as I wanted my wife to have a nice, non-threatening camera that she could use; but unfortunately the X-100 is not it.

Goodbye to Chad and Sunila - Fuji X-100 at f2

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