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Monday, 23 April 2012

Low cost lens wish list

A few posts back I wrote about the interesting proliferation of low cost lenses that have high quality optics.  Here's what I wish would be available

Sony NEX E mount
- Low cost 35mm f2 lens.  Doesn't need OSS, but a standard prime around $200 would be sweet.
- Low cost 23mm f2.8 lens.  A moderately wide prime, even if it isn't fast, would make a great street lens for a NEX.  This would make it just like a Fuji X100.  The 24mm f1.8 Carl Zeiss is far too big and way too expensive.
- Sigma really have the right idea with their 30mm f2.8 lens, and there are a lot more opportunities to go a little wider with DX - ie between 20-25mm in focal length.  I think f2.8 is too slow for a prime though, and I think will limit its potential.

Nikon F mount
- Nikon already have a lot of excellent low cost lenses, but I'd really like to see a 23mm f2.8 DX prime.  That also would make a great street lens.

Princess St, Kingston ON                           Nikon D90 with Sigma 20mm f1.8

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