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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fuji GA645i

A couple weeks ago I picked up a used Fuji GA645i to use up a bunch of 120 film I have in the fridge.  This is a medium format auto focus camera, that defies description.  It isn't a compact because, well it isn't that compact (though compared to a Hasselblad or a Mamiya RB67 it is), it isn't a rangefinder because there is no rangefinder mechanism and it very definitely isn't an SLR.  It's much like a large Nikon 35Ti or Contax T3.

It does have a viewfinder with a frame outline that automatically adjusts for parallex as you  autofocus and also full automatic and manual exposure controls.

Although well used, this camera came with the original box, hood, case, instruction manual and period brochure for it as well.

A while back I had a Fuji GS645S, which is full manual, but I ended up not using it a lot and sold it.  With the GA645, I hope to take some shots, but having many automatic functions, it won't complicate my life too much like a Hasselblad or Mamiya might.

The lenses on these cameras are known to be excellent, though I wonder if I will get used to having no AF confirmation what so ever.  We'll see, but I think I will like it.

Fuji X100, Ottawa

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