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Friday, 27 April 2012

The FE2 find

The Nikon FE2 that I talked about in my previous post also had a story attached to it.  I had found it in a pawn shop in Sydney with a Tamron 35-70mm f3.5 zoom attached in 2004.  When I enquired about the price the shop attendant said it was $50 - a bargain now, but crazy cheap in 2004 when bodies were still selling for $250.  I did my normal checks and found that the shutter was jammed and it wouldn't wind on.  I pointed this out to the shop attendant and asked for a deal.  After some negotiation, we settled on $35 and off I went, figuring that, worst case, the lens alone had to be worth at least what I spent.

I then took it to a camera repair guy I knew, and he looked at it and said "Often when these things jam, you turn them to the mechanical 1/60th sec mechanical shutter mode and they unlock themselves."
And with an internal 'snap' from the FE2's workings, his prophesy came to be.  The best $35 I ever spent.

Nikon FE2

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