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Sunday, 29 April 2012

No Caps, we're Sony

When I purchased my Sony NEX 5n a few weeks back I was shocked to find that the lens comes mounted directly to the body in the package, and there are no lens or body caps in the box.  These are optional extras and are $12-$14 extra each.  

As Henry's Outlet Store didn't carry the caps, we got a bit caught as I was about to take Dad to the airport, and he was taking the lens.  The staff let me dig around the old lens bin for a back cap, and I found that a Pentax K mount cap fit on.  They let me have it for free, but no suitable body cap was available for the body, which we ended up having to wrap in bubble wrap.

So for all you NEX shooters out there, an old Pentax lens back cap is a very handy find.

Sony NEX 5n, Leica 50mm f1.5 Summarit

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