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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Sony NEX 5n - Worth the call

As I was still a little dubious about some of the issues with the NEX-7 (image sensor corner softness and colour casting with adapted lenses) I had been thinking about upgrading my NEX 3 to either the NEX 3c or an NEX 5n to get the new 16mp sensor, which had got very good reviews.  I had done some looking around and almost bought a 3c, when my Dad arrived for a visit.  He was thinking of getting a mirror-less camera and really liked the NEX, so knowing that I was looking to upgrade, he offered to buy the NEX 3 off me and look for a kit 18-55mm lens at a later stage.  He wanted to use it as both a point and shoot for general pics, and also to use with an adapter for his Pentax K mount and M42 mount collection.

While he was here, I kept my eye out in the classifieds for a replacement, but nothing was coming up.  The day Dad was leaving to go back to Australia, I called Henrys Outlet Centre and found they had open box NEX 5n's for $105 off new.  I've never seen a NEX 5n on sale before (and I thought they were sold out), so on the way to the airport, we stopped off and picked one up, complete with the kit lens.  I kept the 5n body, and Dad now has a nice NEX 3 with a 18-55mm lens, so it all worked out very nicely.

Sony NEX 5n with Leica Summitar 50mm f2 at f2, ISO 3200


  1. You will like the 5N. I really like mine.

  2. I do like it, but I really wish the NEX-7 had the 16MP sensor

  3. Well, let's hope they will make one call the NEX-6 with built-in viewfinder and the 16MP sensor.