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Friday, 2 March 2012

The retracting interchangable lens

Recently I was at Best Buy purchasing a new laptop and my eye caught hold of a Panasonic GX1 with the new Panasonic 14-42mm retracting lens.   It's tiny, being less than 30mm from flange to lens cap and then doubles its length to the operational position when the camera is switched on.  Though common on fixed lens compacts, I think the idea of an electronic collapsable interchangable lens is very cool, a modern version of a 1950s Leica collapsable lens.   It's a great idea and makes the camera totally pocketable, though I am not totally convinced about the power zoom.  

 It would be very cool if prime lenses were offered like this too, and hopefully Sony will take notice of this for the NEX - the Sony E mount lenses are already far too physically large for the size of the camera (the 16mm being the exception).

Pembroke, ON.  Sony NEX3 with Voigtlander 21mm f4

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