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Sunday, 25 March 2012

Dead Boy, Toronto`s Mayor and the Fuji X100

I am not much of a political animal, but there is no questioning the belligerence of Toronto`s mayor, Rob Ford.  A refusal to compromise, an ability to aggravate both allies and enemies alike, and a slash and burn approach to city services that are already appropriate, has made him very unpopular, despite just a short term in office.

The graffiti artist who goes by the alias `Dead Boy` has put up many stenciled graffiti works of Rob Ford pulling a gesture totally in keeping with his governing style; and is actually recreating an incident where he allegedly did this to one of his constituents.

The X100 is wonderful for shooting graffiti art, and really gets Dead Boy`s message across rather well in photographic form.

Fuji X100 - Graffiti Alley Toronto

Fuji X100 - Graffiti Alley Toronto

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