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Monday, 19 March 2012

Fuji X100 - Night Street Shooter

At night the X100 also works very well, with all its good points for daytime street shooting also working well at night.  As well, the fast aperture f2 lens and the excellent high ISO noise performance are god sends.
I did notice that for me it tends to over expose night time shots, which creates two problems; 1) longer shutter speeds increases the risk of shake, and 2) the shots just don`t look right.

 Here`s an example of an alley way off the Byward Market`s restaurant strip.  The second shot I used the readily accessible exposure compensation to stop down two stops, and to me this creates a much better likeness of the actual scene, and also doesn`t burn out the centre of the photo as the first one did.

As I shot more I found that I was constantly using the exposure compensation dial to make adjustments, and with the electronic viewfinder, you can see what you are going to get instantly.  General rule of thumb though, set the exposure compensation 1 stop down and fine tune from there.

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