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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Olympus EPM1 - super small micro four thirds

Though I have written about the micro four third format in the past (click here), the one camera that does intrigue me is the Olympus EPM1.  The M in the name is for mini, and it sure is small - just 270g for the body with battery and memory card loaded.  The two things I like most about this  camera is its tiny size and built in camera stabilisation.  

The lens I would get with it is the Panasonic 20mm  f1.7.  Its very small size and fast aperture make it ideal for this camera, and in camera stabilisation will allow it to operate in very low light, even with a lowish ISO.  Just as well as this camera doesn't have anywhere near the high ISO capabilities as the NEX 5n or Fuji XPro-1.

Used, the camera runs for about $250-$300 and the Panasonic 20mm lens for $300-$350.
As I have written before, the EPM1 would also work well with a full frame 60mm macro with an adapter.

Intrigue is an expensive feeling for me, so I better make sure I start to use something I already have quickly!

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