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Monday, 13 August 2012

C64 Memories and Photokina

I saw this mint-in-box Commodore 64 a while ago at the Antique Markets at the St Lawrence Markets.  I made me think for a bit as that a piece of the latest technology when I was in High School is now at an Antiques store!  This makes me feel very old.

Still technology is a wonderful thing, and the upcoming Photokina in Germany will show many of the latest cameras to come out.  New arrivals that are expected include the Nikon D600 and the Fujifilm X200.  There may be an appearance by a Nikon D600 competitor from Canon (a 6D?), and perhaps even a preview of the Leica M10.

All in all it promises to be an exciting show!

Fuji x100


  1. The Vic-20 was my first computer! Then the C-64, Amiga 1000 (with SideCar!) and the Amiga 2000. After that, all PCs. Commodore rested on their laurels for too many years and didn't bother updating the Amiga technology. Too bad. It was one of the best computers of its time.

  2. We had an Amiga 500! They were great computers for their time! I kinda feel like RIM is the modern day equivalent of Commodore.