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Friday, 17 August 2012

DSLR vs Mirrorless - what do I buy?

Sometimes people ask me whether it's better to go with a D-SLR or one of the new mirrorless cameras, and as usual, my comment is "Well, it depends".  Here's my pro list for each type of system.

DSLR pros
-Fast auto focus
- Generally a very wide range of lenses and other accessories available, both new and used
- Fast operation - ie easy to access menus, very little shutter lag, optical viewfinder

Mirrorless pros
- Size and weight
- Ability to adapt a huge variety of old lenses

- Image quality

At the end of the day it really depends on what you will use the camera for.  If you need a small sized camera, but want to step up from a compact, then go mirror-less.  If you need flexibility so that you camera can shoot a wide variety of subjects, the get a DSLR.  I, like may others, have both; and this allows me to choose the perfect camera for what I need.

Barn on Prince Edward County  - Sony NEX 5n with Sigma 30mm f2.8  (mirrorless with AF lens)

Nikon D90 with Tamron 90mm f2.8 Macro - AF lens
Daffodil - Sony NEX5n with Leica 50mm f2 Summicron - adapted MF lens (Note: Pic is heavily cropped from original)

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