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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sony RX100 and the Nokia 808 Pureview

There's two just released products that have really caught my eye over the last week or two, and while completely different, in some ways they are remarkably similar.

The Sony RX100 is a large sensor compact that is closer in to size of a small credit card sized compact, than say a Fuji X100.  It has a sensor the same size as a Nikon 1 series, and has sharp and fast Carl Zeiss zoom equivalent to 28-100mm, yet has a fast aperture f1.8 @ wide angle.  This drops off to a slow f4.9 at the far tele end, but still pretty good.  From what the reviews say, the image quality is truly remarkable for a camera this size, and ISO 1600 and 3200 are still quite usable, unlike any other compact which is no good past ISO 400.

The Nokia is a camera phone, in that order.  A camera first, a phone second.  It also has a very large sensor, similar in size to the RX100 and also uses a fast aperture Carl Zeiss lens, this time a prime.  The remarkable thing is the sensor that is an incredible 41 megapixels!  That's more than the Nikon D800, and similar to most medium format cameras.  It runs software that interpolates pixels down to a more manageable 5 MP if desired.   It is far and away the best camera in a phone out there, but is hindered by clunky software.

For both these cameras I love the idea of portable go anywhere ability.  I especially like the idea of the Nokia as I almost always have my phone with me, and having a great photographic tool as part of it would just be icing on the cake!

Distillery District    Fuji X-100

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