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Monday, 30 July 2012

Nikon L35 AW AF

The Nikon L35 series cameras are now starting to become a cult classic due to their excellent fast aperture 35mm lens and all round sturdyness.  I have the AW AF model, its a light duty underwater camera, good for about 10ft underwater but no more (unlike a Nikonos).

I bought this camera about 3 years ago thinking I was going to take it on vacations to the beach or to a lake, or just where ever the weather may be bad.  The one I bought was close to mint and came with the original manual and strap.  But the scary thing is that in this time I haven't even used it once!  There were several opportunities to use it, but each time I had forgotten to bring it.  

Recently a friend of my wife's was looking for an underwater camera, so offered to sell her this one.  I am not sure its the right thing to do, but if I haven't used it once in that time, maybe it's time to say goodbye.

Fuji X100 - St Lawrence Markets, Toronto ON

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