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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Stabilized Primes

One thing that is very hard to find is a prime lens under 200mm that has a built in stabiliser.  There are two exceptions - a few macro lenses out these (though the closer to 1:1 you get, the less well it works) and the Sony NEX 50mm f1.8 OSS.

Unfortunately though, this lens has two problems. One, it isn't that optically terrific; and two it really is quite large, being nearly 3 times longer than the Sony 16mm f2.8.  The second means that, unlike most 50mm lenses, it isn't compact and therefore doesn't suit the NEX that well.  The first point is a little more interesting though.  Two different sites, Photozone and SLR gear have given below average to average reviews for this lens, sighting soft wide open performance in the corners and high CAs respectively.  Interestingly Photozone used a NEX-7 and SLR gear a NEX-5, which may result in the different issues found. 

Stabilizers are an excellent feature, and I am surprised they are not built into more primes, especially those from 50mm upwards.  A fast aperture, stabilised portrait lens around 85mm would open up all sorts of opportunities, as would a fast standard 50mm lens.

Here's hoping the manufacturers hear my small voice on internet and release more stabilised primes, and that the optical performance of these is excellent.

Fujifilm X100

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