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Saturday, 14 July 2012

An afternoon at the Distillery District - Part 4: Fujifilm X-100

Compared to the other two cameras, there's not really much left to say on this one.  One thing that struck me was that I was pulled up 3 times by complete strangers who wanted to talk to me about it.  No one showed any interest at all in the Leica or the GA645.

At one stage I had the GA645 in the bag and the Leica and X100 around my neck.  I remember one girl looking at me very quizzically as I had what would have seemed to her as two very similar cameras that I was using at the same time.  I suppose in some ways they are, just separated by 60 years.

I took a couple of the shots I took and decided to add some contrast for a different look.  I think they were reasonably successful.

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