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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Pentax Limited Pancakes with the K-01

The Pentax K0-1 mirrorless camera is definitely a weird beast, but if it makes sense for anyone its Pentax users, especially those with a large pancake lens collection.  The K0-1 allows the Pentax user to retain full autofocus and full electronic exposure controls on a mount native to the camera.  For me, I see the Pentax 21mm f3.2 as being especially useful, as this would be the full frame equivalent of 31.5mm on the K0-1 APS-C sensor, so a very good focal length for street photography.  

Other Pentax pancakes that would also be useful include the incredibly small 40mm f2.8 that is often sold as a kit lens with the K0-1, the Pentax 15mm f4 and the Pentax 70mm f2.4.  The Pentax 35mm f2.8 macro is also very small for a macro, though is larger and has some cross over with the 40mm lens.

Very unusually Pentax have overlapping pancake lenses, including the 43mm f1.9, the 77mm f1.8 and the slightly larger 40mm f2.8.  The later, while having exactly the same aperture and focal length of the K-01 kit lens, is larger and better optically.

If I had a Pentax K-01, I'd probably look at purchasing the following as a kit:
- Pentax 15mm f4
- Pentax 21mm f3.2
- Pentax 35mm f2.8 macro
- Pentax 40mm f2.8 kit lens with K-01
- Pentax 70mm f2.4

 All these lenses are very small and extremely compact, so would make and excellent companion  for this camera, and keep the compact philosophy intact.  However, given that the K0-1 isn't that cheap, and the Pentax pancakes are expensive and hard to find, I doubt I'll ever make such a purchase.

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