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Sunday, 11 December 2011

The value of Leica

It seems to me that Leica brand photographic equipment is the only equipment that actually APPRECIATES in value.  Sure if you buy new you can expect some decline in value from the initial purchase price, but carefully buying used Leica gear will give you an appreciating asset that is also fun to use.  Interestingly this statement includes Leica film bodies, but definitely does not include digital bodies. 

Leica equipment is very collectable and so is desired by both users and collectors, hence pushing up values.  During economic downturns (such as late 2008 to mid 2009) Leica values did fall, but have since rebounded strongly.  I would say that most older Leica gear has appreciated between 30 and 50% in the last 2 years.

Sony NEX 3 with Leica 50mm f1.5 Summarit

 This photo was shot with no fine determination to composition of focus.  I just pre-set the aperture to f8 and approx focus distance, pointed the camera in the general direction of the subject and snapped as I walked by!

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