Snapshot Voyager is about my own personal photography journey. I am always looking to try something new, inquisitive as to how it works, and to the end results I might achieve.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Keepin’ the Show on the Road

I’ve recently done some changes to my blog so you can enjoy it even more!  I now have a special page for guest submissions called "Guest Page -> Your Work". The first shots are two prize winners, taken by my father.  If you would like to submit a photo, let me know.

As my photographic journey is one of discovery, I am often buying new gear to try out, hence my new "For Sale and Wanted" page.   Once I’m done with it I’ll sell it off to buy something new.  If you see something you might like, or have something I might like; please email me.

Lastly I’ve updated a lot of the places where the shots were taken in order to give you additional information.

This shot on Dundas West in Toronto was a quick one while waiting at the lights.  I shot it with my Nikon FE2 and I think it had the Nikon 20mm f4 on it at the time.

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