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Sunday, 31 March 2013

M3 and X100 side by side

Many people talk about the classic lines of the Fuji X100, and often have been asked about the 'film' camera I was using, so I decided to put it side by side to the Leica M3 for a visual comparison.  What struck me was how similar the details are, as follows:

1) Knurled dials
2) Vulcanite finish
3) Very similar looking optical viewfinders
4) Lever controls on the front of the camera, with arrows showing direction of operation
5) Same standard hot shoe (M3 is actually a cold shoe)
6) Silver paint top and bottom plates
7) Manufacturer label on the top plate
8) Silver lenses with knurled focus and aperture rings (though reversed - Leica has aperture at the front)
9) Same style shutter release with screw in remote cable release capability

The differences are few.  The Leica has more lever controls on the front, while the Fuji has a flash, and a modern button and switch visible.  

No wonder only trainspotters notice that the Fuji X100 is a digital camera.

PS:  The Leica is on the left...

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