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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Goodbye Bessa R2

After having owned my Voigtlander Bessa R2 for almost 4 years, and having put less than 10 rolls of film through it, I decided to say goodbye.  Though not really collectable, it had actually appreciated in value since I purchased it, as there are not very many for sale at the moment.  

The Bessa R2 is a nice camera, but not really special.  It is a low cost version of an M6, with similar operational abilities.  From what I have heard, it is basically a Nikon FM-10 with a range finder, as both are made by Cosina.  Compared to an M3, the rangefinder isn't as good (nothing is, really), it doesn't automatically select the correct framelines and it isn't as quiet as a cloth shutter camera.  However it is much easier to load and the shutter will never need servicing.  The metering though can be easily confused compared to most SLRs.

One of the more annoying things that happened though was when I was getting it ready for sale, I found that it had an almost unused 36 shot film in it, so I had to take some snapshots to finish it up.  Hopefully I have some nice black and white shots of our little girl.

St Lawrence Antiques Markets - Sony NEX 5n w/ Sigma 19mm f2.8

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