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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

First ride and the NEX5n

With the weather finally warming a little, the weekend was my first bike ride of the season.  I decided to go for a short ride along the bike paths up to the Edward Gardens through Wilket Creek Park and back.  Its not very far, only 2.5km or so, but with around 80% of the paths still snow covered, it made for quite an epic ride.  

Riding is slushy snow is like riding sand.  It makes for a lot of concentration, and you need a constant moderate speed and very light braking and acceleration.

I took along the NEX5n with the Sigma 19mm and shot a few pics.  Its a good combination, and nice and light to keep around my neck for the ride.

A word on my steed - my mountain bike is a Orange 5, a hand built bike from the UK.  It runs mostly Shimano XT groupset and a Fox Float front fork, so its fun to ride and the components reliable.  I try to ride 3 times a week from April to September, mostly in the Don Valley trails, and its a lot of fun.


  1. Despite owning 3 mountain bikes, I am not a found of them. I try to ride my road bikes, especially the single speed, as much as I could. I guess I will need to do some spring cleaning and get rid of them, save one for winter.

    1. I like riding off road, so a mountain bike is essential for that. However, I am thinking of getting a nice road bike as well as they are much faster for paved road riding.