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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Dallas Surprise and the Eerie Museum

About a month ago I woke up one Monday morning expecting to go to Ottawa for work, but ended up in Dallas instead!  A business trip down south that I had to cancel came alive again, and off I went.  I didn't end up with a whole lot of time, but having never been to Dallas before, I wasn't sure what to expect.  I ended up filling my only couple of spare hours at the Sixth Floor JFK Museum in the Dallas County Administration Building - where Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK as he drove by in his motorcade. 

The place where Oswald actually shot JFK is sectioned off, but if you go to the 7th floor and stand in the same spot, you can see right through the trees to the 'X' on the street where JFK was when he was shot.  Very Eerie.   As the trees have grown up you no longer get this sight line on the sixth floor.  

Also eerie was the Police car standing only a few metres away from the scene when I shot this photo.  All in all, quite a strange experience.

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