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Friday, 7 September 2012

Snapping kids and the NEX 5r

To me the art of children's photography is all about capturing children in the moment of their every day lives, and seeing what they do when they play.  Because they move so quickly a higher end DSLR with autofocus tracking usually works best.  Most mirror-less cameras can't keep up, and that includes both my Sony NEX 5n and Fujifilm X100.  I was very fortunate to snap this very cute photo of this little girl making sure her rocking horse had a hat on.

Interestingly the new NEX 5r (a 5n  update) features a new hybrid AF system, similar to the Nikon 1 cameras.  It features both phase and contrast detection AF so that AF speed and accuracy is closer to a DSLR.  It remains to be seen what its like, but it will likely be a big improvement

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