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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Fujifilm XE-1

Now that's interesting!  Fujifilm was tipped to release an update to the X-100 very shortly, but instead has just released a low(er) cost interchangeable lens mirror-less camera, and it looks like its pitched right at the NEX-7.  The size is very similar, both have similar viewfinders (OLED 2.3 million pixels, Fuji's is probably from Sony) and both offer interchangeable lenses.  It will be very interesting to read a comparison, but I suspect the Fuji will have the edge, despite its lower megapixels.  This basic sensor is what many had dreamed would be in the NEX-7, and the Fujifilm has got very significant improvements, such as the lack of an AA filter.  The high density Sony 24 MP sensor on the NEX-7 is known to be very trying on lenses, and on many Leica M lenses has fringing and colour banding issues.

The only thing I am no so sure of is compactness - the lenses do stick out quite away from the body and this certainly means the camera isn't pocketable, unlike an X-100.

I really think this camera will be a winner.  The price is right, the lenses are excellent and the image quality will be outstanding.

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  1. This camera will certainly stir up the high end EVIL market. Hopefully we will enjoy lower prices with more competition.