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Monday, 10 September 2012

Photokina Countdown

There's so much great photographic gear about to be released in the lead up to Photokina, I'm on the edge of my seat!  The Fuji XE-1 has already been announced, the Sony RX-1 full frame compact has been previewed and Sony is also likely to release a NEX-6 - a NEX-7 with a NEX-5n sensor.

Of course, and the one I am most interested in, is the Nikon D600.  Canon may also release a competitor at the same time, but I predict that this will be later.  Other predictions include a Leica M10 to replace the now 3 year old M9, and a host of Sony D-SLRs.

What I am hoping for is a Pentax full frame DSLR, and I know that would certainly be very interesting for my father.

We all shall see, but exciting times lay ahead this week.

On another note, this sculpture at the Distillery District is as fascinating as it is creepy.  Definatley worth a few shots!!

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