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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Nikon D3200 and Nikkor 28mm f1.8

It's interesting to see Nikon release a new basic digital SLR with the Sony 24MP sensor, the same as in the NEX-7.  This move surprised me, as it exceeds all but the D800 (and equals the D3X) on megapixel count.  It is interesting than Nikon released their D4 pro camera with 25% LESS resolution than their entry level model!!

Also interesting is the release of Nikon's 28mm f1.8 full frame lens.  At $599, this lens looks really interesting, and I am looking forward to reading the reviews.  I'm betting money that this lens will be at least as good as the legendary Nikkor 28mm f1.4.

Nikon FE2 w/ Nikon 28mm f2.8

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