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Sunday, 19 February 2012

How to sell used camera gear

Selling your used camera gear is a great way to finance new gear.  Here’s some steps you should to take ensure you get top dollar, yet make it a safe and risk free transaction.

1)      Do some research on the value using eBay and on line classifieds like Craigslist and Kijiji.

2)      Set a price that represents excellent value, given its model and condition.

3)      Do some research into the item itself, such as design and engineering, so you can build value into the item.

4)      Decide which means you are going to sell it.  If the item is fairly common, selling by the local classifieds is usually more cost effective as eBay charge seller fees and fees when you receive payment through PayPal for items.  Rare and unusual pieces are better on eBay as they attract a global audience.

5)      When placing the advertisement, be honest in the description of the item’s condition, but don’t over emphasise potential issues.    Make sure the ad has does not include any personal details except your email.  Ensure the subject line is catchy to attract attention (use caps) and enter as many relevant tags at the bottom of the ad so it catches attention from other searches.  Mark in the ad that only cash payment is acceptable on local meet up and that the price is fair and firm.

6)      When you receive an email, try to get a read on the potential buyer.  Are they reliable?  Do they sound shady?  Never entertain offers over email, always invite the buyer to inspect, then they can make an offer if you wish to entertain that.  The psychology is that if they are willing to take the time to come and inspect, then they are a serious buyer.  Usually about 75% of people buy once they come to take a look.

7)      Ask to meet people at a coffee shop or other safe public place near to your place.  Never invite people to your place, and if you are selling an item worth a significant amount of money ($1000+) take someone with you for additional security.  Also, don’t entertain travelling significant distances to meet.  Ensuring the buyer travels puts the pressure on them not to go to all that trouble to lose a deal.

8)      Know what the item is worth and don’t entertain offers much lower than your advertised price, especially if you have others interested.  If they make an offer too low for you, walk away.

9)      When meeting people, be conscious of your surroundings and be safe in whatever you do.

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  1. You may also include the reason for selling the item since most of the time buyers would want to know why you want to sell it for that price.