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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Nikon D4

The new Nikon D4 has just been announced, and it is a very interesting camera.  Amazingly it is only 16 megapixels – low for such a high end camera.  However the quality of each of those pixels promises to be exceptional, with perfectly clean photos possible at ISO 12,800, which is truly remarkable.   Top ISO is over 200,000 which is night vision territory.

Other features which are very cool are the new AF sensor which will probably be the best in the world, built in HDR and improved video.  It has been priced $1000 above the D3s, which does two things – 1) gouges the early adopter and 2) keeps used D3 and D3S prices high.   When I first heard the D4 was released, my first idea was to investigate a used or open box D3S, but with this price point, I don’t think it will be feasible.

Almost definitely the yet to be released D800 will have the same sensor, and those low light capabilities will be right up my alley.   I also wonder what other cameras this sensor will make its way into – I would suggest a Sony alpha 900 replacement, and maybe even a Pentax Full Frame SLR.

Nikon D2X with Nikon 18-135mm

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