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Sunday, 27 November 2011

EVIL Size comparison

Late last week I was in Future Shop  and decided to check out the new Nikon 1 series camera.  They had a J1 on display, but it wasn’t working.  So I did a quick eyeball size comparison between the Nikon, a Sony NEX 5n and a Olympus EPM-1.  Interestingly, the body size of the Olympus was the smallest, with the NEX similar, but a little deeper which actually makes for a nice grip.  The Nikon is taller and a little narrower.   I haven’t had a close look at the Pentax Q yet, but I’ve heard it is a lot smaller than any of the above cameras.

With no size advantage, a much smaller sensor and a high price, I cannot see any reason to buy the Nikon 1 series.  To me, this (and the Pentax Q) are $400 cameras.  The $700 - $800 MSRP is far too high, when this gets you the much superior Sony NEX-5n.


  1. Nikon is betting on brand loyalty/recognition that they can charge what they feel is bearable. I guess many people don't know better and shop by brand name.

  2. Quite true. The only advantage I can think of for the Nikon is that the lenses are much smaller than the equivalent NEX lenses.