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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Full Frame Dreaming

My whole intention when selling my D700 early in the summer was to capitalize on the abnormally high market for used pro Nikon cameras caused by the tsunami in Japan, and wait until the replacement came out, which was expected last month.  However, it didn’t come then, and I am really beginning to miss full frame – indeed I had spent the previous 3 years collecting appropriate lenses for it.  Current rumours are that the new one will be out early in the new year, with what could be a 30+MP sensor and a $3,500+ price tag (according to Sony Rumours), which really is overkill for me

Then I had another thought.   Instead of buying the D700 replacement, why not purchase a nearly new or open box D700 after the launch of its replacement.  The price should then be $1500 or less, meaning that I have at least $1000 I could put towards purchasing a NEX-7.  The D700 was all the camera I ever needed.  I didn’t want anything it didn’t have, and I really appreciated the things it did well – especially low light ISO performance, the lovely view finder, and the pro build and feel.

So, here’s to a few more months waiting.  And deciding.

Nikon D700 with Tamron 180mm f3.5 Macro - Edwards Gardens, Toronto

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