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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Is it bye bye DX?

With the new Nikon D600 coming out, and the need to de-complicate my life due to the time soak that is an 8 month old, I am thinking of getting rid of all my DX gear.  I`ll wait until I pick up another camera, but that`s the plan.

The reason I liked DX was for the light weight and compact size of body and lenses together.  The D600 will be some 250g (or 25%) lighter than a D700, but full frame lenses are always bigger than DX.  My Sigma 12-24mm is some 30% bigger than the Sigma 10-20mm I have as well.  Same goes for zooms - the 24-135mm Tamron is quite a bit bigger and heavier than Nikon 18-200mm I have.

Still, I think moving to one format will be the way to go.

Analogue FX - Nikon FE2 on color print film

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