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Monday, 4 June 2012

Clean Out

As we live in a small house, space is always at a premium, so a clean out of some old photography stuff was in order.  There was a lot of stuff that doesn't have much value on its own, so I decided to give what I didn't want to my camera trading friend, Hans.  Hans has a little stall at the St Lawrence Markets and some of the camera shows; and we've bought and sold gear to each other; so I reasoned that he could make use of it. 
"Give me a sweet deal on the next thing I buy from you and its all yours" I said

There was some interesting stuff, and here's just a sample:
- 127 film with a 1959 expiry date
- Endless rolls of Kodachrome film
- A 110 film cartridge with a mid 1980's expiry date
- Replacement bulbs for flashes from the 1950's
- Countless lens hoods
- An original Pentax camera case from a Pentax ESII (the first camera with automatic aperture priority function)
- A waist level finder for an Wirgin Edixa, a German SLR from the 1950's that uses M42 mount
- A very scrappy, non working Leica Meter MR for a Leica M3
- A clip on macro set for a point and shoot Ricoh SLR

Any way, it's bye bye old junky camera gear, and hello significantly less displeased wife.  
After all, Happy Wife, Happy Life.

Can't quite remember what I shot this with - Probably a Nikon FE2 and Nikkor 50mm f1.2

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