Snapshot Voyager is about my own personal photography journey. I am always looking to try something new, inquisitive as to how it works, and to the end results I might achieve.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

I'm not Ansel Adams

I know that I will never be one of the world's great photographic legends, not the next Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier Bresson, Richard Avendon or Annie Lebovitz; and I'm OK with that.  However if what I write or something I do inspires someone to enjoy photography more, then it's worthwhile for me.

More than that, my life philosophy is if I can be there for someone as a friend during their time of need, then my life has been worth living.   And if I can enjoy some photography along the way, all the better!

Laird Drive, Toronto.    Fuji X100

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