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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Major annoyance - stuck adapters.

One of the biggest pains in rear I have with my equipment is getting Leica LTM-M mount adapters stuck on Sony NEX to Leica M adapters.  As the LTM-M adapter is very thin, it is difficult to grab on to and apply any force.  The most success I have is putting LTM-M adapter on a lens, then freeing the M-E mount adapter most of the way, before loosening off the lens.  If I am lucky it will only take a couple minutes and no busted fingernails.  If I am not, I could be there a while and it will involve pain.

Pre-Spring grasses - Sony NEX5n with Monolta Rokkor Chiyoda 13.5cm f4 (LTM mount)

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