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Saturday, 4 May 2013

Canon 100D - Canon's tiny DSLR

It seems like almost every photography niche in the camera market is now being filled.  The new 100D is an extremely tiny DSLR that has been very significantly miniaturised.  It really doesn't seem to be much bigger than a Olympus OMD or Panasonic G3, if at all.  Obviously, because there is still a mirror box, it is still quite a bit deeper than an OM-D or G6, but width and height certainly are close.

I could see people liking this camera, especially those who value something compact, but who have already invested in Canon gear.  The other buyer group it would appeal to would be mirrorless buyers who really prefer to stick with a DSLR with an optical rather than digital view finder.

Nikon D2X with Tamron 90mm Macro

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