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Sunday, 26 May 2013

Close up Bokeh study - Leica 50mm f1.5 Summarit with Hawk's Factory helicoid adapter

Earlier this week I took the Sony NEX out in the back yard for a couple quick snap shots with the Leica 50mm f1.5 Summarit and the Hawk's Factory helicoid adapter.  Interestingly, I have two of these lenses, the first in LTM that came with my Leica IIIf, made around 1950 and a later M mount one made in 1957.  
Both are essentially identical other than the mounts, though the M mount is a slightly cleaner example.

For something different, I decided to try my LTM version out with the helicoid adapter, primarily as I wanted to get a little closer to some flowers, and also just to see how it rendered photos at maximum aperture with when the helicoid was set to close focus.

Turns out beautifully, as long as objects behind are some distance away.  If not, the rendering becomes quite swirly, almost as if the camera was twisted around the in focus object.  Some like this effect, but I don't particularly care for it.  Like most lenses of this era, it shows a little fringing but it does have that 'glow' about the pictures that modern lenses with multi coating don't have.

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