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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Nikon 24 -85mm f2.8-4D standard zoom lens - full frame test

About a year ago I purchase a Nikon kit from a guy which contained an F90X, a 70-300mm AF-D telephoto zoom, and the lens above.  I've always wanted this lens for full frame as it the performance has been rated very good and it has a very cool 1:2 macro feature, which makes the lens very versatile.  The purchase price was quite reasonable, so after I sold off the camera and tele lens, it meant I really didn't pay a lot for it.  

Since I purchased it, I've hardly used it as it really isn't that handy on DX, but as I now have full frame again, I pulled it out to give it a test run.  My idea was that it was going to be my standard zoom on the D600, but after a quick test run there are a couple issues.  

Firstly the lens is screw drive with no AF-S motor. Initially I thought this would be a non-issue as the D600 has a screw drive for non-AF-S lenses, but I found it makes a LOT of noise which is very readily heard in video, and quite disconcerting.

The second issue is close focus.  On this lens you need to select the macro mode which can only operate in the 35-85mm range. This means you have to manually switch it over if you want to go closer than 50cm way - quite difficult if you are shooting squirrelly kids.  However, it does go pretty close (1:2 Macro) as the shot below of my Fuji GA645i shows.

Otherwise it is a good lens.  Sharpness is good, barrel distortion is not terrible and the zoom range is very handy for every day use.

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