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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Fuji X100 Firmware Update

Fuji has just released their latest firmware update for the X100, which provides much faster AF on both normal and macro mode, as well as high contrast focus peaking on MF mode with improved MF operation.  There is also a few other minor updates, the biggest of which is faster start up time.

I downloaded it a few days ago, and frankly I am very impressed.  Impressed in two ways actually.  Firstly the updates significantly improve the camera's operation in ways that you can immediately see and notice.  The AF really is a lot better, and the MF operation is good, though I must say I prefer Sony's style of focus peaking to the Fuji's.  However it is still a good improvement.

The other reason I am impressed is that Fuji bothered to do this at all.  It would be very easy to let sleeping dogs lie, and encourage users to go buy a new X100s.  It really engenders brand loyalty for me, and frankly it will make me highly consider another Fuji when it comes time to trade up.

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