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Sunday, 27 October 2013

The return of the FE2

There is a rumour on the internet that Nikon will sell a full frame DSLR that is styled similarly to Nikon's excellent FM2 of 30+ years ago.  I've owned both an FE2 (sister camera to the FM2) and an F3 (similar, but a bit more robust), and loved them both.  I liked the relatively light weight, compact size and classic styling.  I will admit that neither got significant use (the convenience of digital does that), but both shot photos I can instantly remember.

Personally, I love classic styling, and the Fuji X100 is the camera that best encapsulates this.  If the pricing is right (ie under $2000) I can see a digital FE2 being a major hit.  I've got my hand up!

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