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Friday, 8 November 2013

Nikon Df - Thoughts and Comments

The new Nikon Df is a delicious looking camera, beautifully styled in traditional late '70s early '80s camera garb.  Just like my favorite two Nikon film cameras, the F3 and FE2.

Inside it is basically a D4 in a lighter body.  So who will buy it?  I doubt a pro will; however cashed up amatuers who shot film on Nikon cameras in their younger years are prime targets.  Those who appreciate classic styling in a modern body and wish to reminise about their photography from 30+ years ago.
That's a generation ahead of me, but I appreciate old cameras - I now have a dozen or so, including 4 Leicas - and its also why I like the classic styling of my Fuji X100.

The specs are interesting too.  Nikon chose to use the lower resolution D4 sensor, rather than the higher resolution D600 or D800 sensors.  This 16MP sensor does have exceptional low light performance, with 200,000+ ISO capability and is also the lightest full frame Nikon available.  Clearly a camera designed for you to go out and take pictures, rather than photographing test charts.

One feature I really like is the external wheel dedicated to ISO.   This is an excellent feature, as it is one of the controls I use the most.  One thing that is a little odd is the combination of a Nikon 50mm f1.8 with slightly retro styling.  Sure its a good lens, but its kinda basic.  What about the new 58mm f1.4 instead?  That seems like it would be a killer combination with this camera, if not quite expensive at $4,500 or so.

Would I buy a Df?  If I could afford it, in a heart beat!

Nikon D600 - Tamron 24-135mm f3.5-5.6

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  1. I must disagree about the styling. I think it's kind of ugly, especially looking directly from the front. I like the look of the F3. This camera reminds me of the FA I briefly had, except the FA is better looking :)