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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Time to shoot something weird - Minolta Chiyoko Tele-Rokkor 13.5cm f4

A few days ago I went down to the local Fish and Chip shot for our weekly dose of greasy batter, and decided to take the camera to occupy my time for a few moments. With a little one and another coming, I need to grab every spare moment I can get.  I was in the mood for a weird lens, so I grabbed the Chiyoko (later Minolta) Tele-Rokkor 13.5cm f4 in Leica LTM mount and put in on the NEX5n.

Its actually a pretty good lens, more than decently sharp and the bokeh is reminiscent of most telephoto lenses of this vintage, which is to say it has an olde worlde kinda character.  While this particular lens is quite clean, it could probably do with a CLA as the focus movement is a little stiff and jerky.  Interestingly this lens only has a 4 digit serial number, so I am sure not many were made.

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