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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The $1 photographic essential

One of the most useful pieces of photo equipment for home shots only costs a $1, and that's a largish piece of white card.  What I do is I put it on a dresser we have and curl it up the wall, sitting the object to weigh down the card so it doesn't move.  I then use bounce flash to shoot, with an over exposure by the flash of 1 stop.  Usually I use a macro lens due to the excellent resolution and set it around f11 for maximum across the frame sharpness.  My Micro-Nikkor easily outresolves the D600 sensor, so no issues getting details, and also allows for deep cropping.  Because of this, getting back a little to increase the depth of field, is usually a good idea.

Almost perfect product shots for a $1 outlay.

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