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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Fuji X100s vs Fuji X100

I have to say the update to my Fuji X100 has been a while coming.  Its over 2 years since the X100 first came out and rocked the world with great pictures, Leica like styling and buggy firmware.  Over time the firmware and usability improved dramatically and this has become one of the best compact cameras out there.

My experience with this camera has been very good.  Some things it does exceptionally well; namely fill in flash, colour rendition and auto white balance - all of which are better than my Nikon d600.  The 23mm f2 lens is also excellent in every way, except for perhaps wide open at minimal focal distance which is a very close 10cm.
Ottawa, ON

The updated X100s, with new 16mp sensor (no AA filter), updated video, improved AF, improved MF with focus peaking and a couple other small things; improve the camera where it really needs it.  This would be an awesome camera, and I am certainly looking forward to seeing sample photos.

Would I upgrade?  That's a different story.  I am not sure the update really does a lot more to warrant spending the extra money.  The upgraded sensor is a major bonus, but other than that, its hard to justify.  However if you don't have a X100 and are looking to get the best compact camera on the market, then look no further.

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